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  • 大四通信工程专业在读
  • 这是我的Github,里面大部分是我学习时候做的一些小项目,嵌入式的相对多一点,也有一部分MATLAB和Python的项目
  • 我的邮箱,大家有什么问题可以与我联系
  • 我主要是做嵌入式多一点,人工智能和html什么的,也只能算得上了解
  • 目前在学DL
  • 这些仓库和博客也可以说是我大学路上的见证者
  • 持续创作,持续输出,做一个终身学习者

My Research Statement

Over the past three years, my primary research interests have been in the fields of embedded systems and artificial intelligence. I have designed a downloading and communication method for a pair of microcontrollers in the past. Currently, my main research area is signal processing, specifically simulating and analyzing signals using MATLAB. "I studied the operation of the Fast Fourier Transform using MATLAB, which enhanced my understanding of this important signal processing technique. My research primarily revolves around the areas of signal processing, algorithms, and embedded systems. Most of my work focuses on engineering design, with a primary emphasis on practical applications rather than theoretical aspects. Importantly, my research philosophy is to address problems at their fundamental roots.

During my undergraduate studies, I published a patent titled "Six-legged Intelligent Disinfection Robot" that solved the problem of dead angles in disinfecting logistics sites. I overcame the challenge of uneven terrain that hindered the locomotion of a quadruped robot, using innovative approaches that improved its mobility and robustness. My primary responsibility for the project was controlling the robot's mechanical arm, and during the research process, I discovered that the arm's movements were unstable. To address this issue, I designed a PWM output control algorithm that stabilized the arm's movement. These experiences have honed my ability to identify and solve problems with precision.

Sure, here's a possible conversion: "During my undergraduate studies, I consistently ranked within the top three of my class, demonstrating my strong academic performance. Furthermore, I possess excellent hands-on skills and excel in laboratory experiments. Through my experience in research and mathematical modeling, I have developed proficiency in using software such as MATLAB to conduct thorough data analysis. Additionally, I am skilled in using professional software such as Keil v5, Pycharm, STM32CubeMX, Altium Designer, and Arduino.

My future research plans involve conducting research in the fields of embedded systems, artificial intelligence, or signal processing. To enhance my research skills, I plan to read more relevant literature in the future. Additionally, I will continue to practice using professional software to improve my experimental abilities.